We emphasize transforming complex technology into simple solutions and creating easy-to-use devices for 360° photography/filming and imaging.
Absolute Zero is a collective of professionals who are passionate about engineering great products that are high-performing, reliable, and easy to use.
We want to deliver outstanding 360° cameras and software for a new breed of 360° content producers. We put love into every detail to enable you to become an active contributor in the VR industry.
We have been dedicated to drive VR technology forward since 2014. Our mission is to help our customers focus on creativity in order to produce the 360° content that this world needs!

Join the Absolute Zero community and make reality virtual!

As grantee of the SME instrument, Absolute Zero is awarded with being amongst the most innovative high-potential SMEs in Europe. With establishing the patent pending technological concept for the Absolute Zero ecosystem, we became pioneers on the forefront of global innovation development in 360° technology.
Our solutions enable small and big B2B customers to create professional 360° content and to reach their clients, partners, and audiences effectively. We seek to bridge the gap between 360° creators, end-consumers and innovative startups like us who love what they do and drive this young industry forward.

Partnering with leading industry professionals to deliver maximum results for our customers

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