Effective January 9th, 2017
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Our Site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to help improve your user experience and the performance of our Site. By continuing to use the Site, you consent to the terms of this policy. Please read this policy carefully to understand how we use cookies, web beacons and tracking technologies, and how you can control or manage your consent to the collection of data using these technologies. This Cookie Policy is incorporated into our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

What are cookies and similar technologies?
A cookie is a small text file that a website places on your browser. Cookies are used by most websites for security, to learn about and improve upon how users navigate a website, or to enable various features. For example, cookies can allow the website to save your password, determine whether it is your first visit to the website and how long you stayed on each page, or determine if you were brought to the website from another website, among other features.

Similar technologies, such as web beacons or pixel tags, function through the use of small files, such as a GIF or PNG, that are opened on a page or in an email. The request for these files from a server reveals to the operator of that server (which may be a third party) certain information tracking to the information revealed by a cookie. Pixel tags can be used to create a profile of a specific user, to analyze site usage, or to improve the quality of advertisements delivered to users.

Tracking technologies include locally shared objects (also known as ‘Flash cookies,’) HTML cookies, or other tracking software that stores data on your device on behalf of third parties. These files may be installed through your browser or other software on your computer that is used by your browser. These files may be installed by us or a third party. To control the storage of data through such software, users may be required to change their preferences in the software itself, through a browser, or through the use of specialized add-ons or plug-ins.

What are session and persistent cookies?
All cookies have a time limit for which they will be stored. Cookies are typically classified as “session cookies” or “persistent cookies” depending on how long they will be stored. Session cookies remain on your browser while you are logged on to a particular website and ‘expire’ or are deleted from your device when or shortly after you leave the website, close the browser, or when you delete them. Persistent cookies remain on your device for longer periods of time, sometimes indefinitely, or until you delete them.

How can cookies affect my privacy?
Information from cookies and similar technologies can be aggregated and used to determine patterns of behavior on the website, or simply to store your preferences. Sometimes however, cookies can be used to link information about browsing to an identifiable individual, although we do not use them in this way. To learn more about how cookies are generally used and how they can affect your privacy, visit

What cookies do you use and how do you use them?
We use cookies for several important reasons, but never to identify you personally, deliver ads, or track you outside the context of your use of our Site. Generally, cookies are “essential” or “functional,” meaning they enable various features of the Site, others are “performance” or “targeting” cookies that track how the Site is used or performs.

Please note, the specific cookies we use are subject to change without notice. Please note, our Site typically uses only a limited subset of the cookies provided by our third-party analytics providers. See your browser’s settings menu for a list of the cookies currently in use on our Site. You may contact us using the information below if you have questions about any specific cookie or other technology.

Essential and functional cookies
Our Site may also require certain cookies, web beacons and tracking technologies that enable various operations on the webpage. For example, our Site requests the installation of a cookie to maintain an active session, or to keep you logged into your account. Our Site may similarly request the installation of a cookie if you would like to save your username or password, or stay logged in after a session has ended. Our use of essential technologies may occur regardless whether you have provided your consent. Our functional technologies may be used without your consent, or you may consent implicitly through your use of a particular feature. Please note, if your browser does not accept cookies, these features may not work properly or your experience on the Site may be degraded.

Performance cookies
Our Site may use cookies, web beacons and tracking technologies in order to improve the performance of our Site or to learn how users interact with the features of our Site or other services. Our Site may install cookies that are provided by us or our trusted third-party providers. While some of these cookies may use unique identifiers, the data is analyzed only in the aggregate and we do not use cookies to identify you personally.

Analytics Technologies
Our Site uses cookies, web beacons and tracking technologies to understand how users navigate our Site and which content they may view. For example, when you arrive at our Site, the Site may install several session cookies that track how long you stay on each page. Our Site may also install persistent cookies that help us keep track of the number of returning visitors and  help us understand how users reach our Site. For example, analytics providers often place a “returning visitor” cookie to determine the number unique visitors to our Site. Our Site does not use cookies, web beacons and tracking technologies to deliver advertisements to you, whether on our Site or others on the Web, and any information we collected is not linked to other data we hold about your, or to identify you personally.

How can I delete cookies or withdraw my consent?
You can control cookies, web beacons and tracking technologies or withdraw your consent to their collection in several ways. First, many browsers allow you to change the settings such that the browser will either allow or block the installation of cookies. You may also delete all cookies stored by your browser using your browser’s privacy menu. For more information about how to control cookies, please visit

Updates to this policy
We may update this policy from time to time. We will post the most current version of this policy with its effective date on our Site. Your continued use of the Site means you consent to the terms of this policy.

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