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Hello (virtual) Reality!

We have been quiet thus far, working hard within our very own little virtual reality, but now we have some important updates for you! Read along and find out what we have been up to and what is still to come from us in the near future.

Absolute Zero up until now.

We attended a VR Filmmaking Workshop in Helsinki, which sure was an adventure! The workshop itself is intended for VR enthusiasts, who are willing to become VR filmmakers. The participants get to play around with different VR cameras and get h

ands-on experience with the technology. They develop storytelling ideas, they shoot, they edit and ultimately enjoy their VR short films at the end. The workshop will be taking place in other European cities, so stay alert if you want to attend.

Absolute Zero’s role there was a bit different though. We were in need of some solid external feedback so the techies from the Workshop were able to provide just that! The guys were as excited about the camera as we are and thus, we left it there so they can play around with it. We couldn’t stay there for the whole duration of the workshop, but the Absolute Zero camera could, so it did.

What did we learn?

  • We are getting closer and closer to the final goal. Exciting times!

  • We can deliver an amazing 360 camera to our customers!

  • Having Absolute Zero tested is great for everyone involved and we should do it more often!

So what’s next for Absolute Zero?

Very soon we are attending two more events in Copenhagen, which also happens to be the city we call home. CopenX (15th of September) and TECHBBQ (20th of September) are the events where you can actually come and meet the team and if you feel adventurous, you can even get a hands-on Absolute Zero experience.


So let’s start with CopenX. The event is supposed to explore the possibilities for both VR and AR and what can their impact be on businesses, science, technology and media. Thus, it’s a definite “must go” for anyone within the VR community. We will be there presenting, next to the likes of Unity, VRUnicorns, UploadVR and much more! So, if you do find yourself at the event look for the Absolute Zero booth and don't shy out from the opportunity to say hi. Remember, it takes place on the 15th of September (2016) in Copenhagen!


TECHBBQ is the largest startup and innovation summit in Copenhagen, so it’s not a VR/AR only event. Thus, there will be a lot of interesting Tech people and companies, that you can freely connect with. It’s taking place on the 20th of September, at the Opera house, which takes the experience to a completely different level! There will be people from all over the world representing companies like Unity, Yesware, AirBnB, Podio and more. We will also be proudly standing next to our Absolute Zero booth, so come along and we will take you on a life-like journey (and you won’t even have to leave the Opera house!).

This Also Happened

As we will be showing you videos shot with our camera during both events, we wanted to make sure you can experience Absolute Zero the best way possible. Thus we made sure we can equip you with the best VR tech out there while you are having this very special experience (for some of you it might be a first). Oh, and well we love technology way too much so getting the HTC Vive headset incorporated in our office was a no-brainer!

The Future For Absolute Zero

At the moment, our engineers are working their socks off, so that Absolute Zero can reach the level of performance that will make everyone within the VR community go “Wow!”. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our camera and we feel we can be very, very competitive once we hit the market (expect more updates). Stay tuned for more detailed information regarding our official launching.

We also know that right now, each and every one of you is thinking “Where and how can I see some footage shot by Absolute Zero?”. Right now, your best option would be to come and see us at the events. We are also working on our Showcase app, which will allow you to watch all the videos directly within the app. We will let you know more about it once it's ready.

If you also want to know everything and stay up-to-date with everything we do, your safest bet is to subscribe to our mailing list and like/follow us on social media platforms. Whenever, there is something new going on, you will be among the first to find out. We also appreciate any kind of feedback or just a simple “Hi” so if you have questions or are excited about VR as much as we are, don’t be shy and drop us a line!

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